Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award

This award recognizes high quality journalistic coverage of topics that increase the American public’s understanding of forestry and natural resources. The award includes a honorarium of $500, complimentary SAF convention registration, and up to $500 to cover travel expenses.


This award may be presented to an individual involved in print (magazine, newspaper, book…etc.), television, or radio journalism. Eligible categories are:
     1. A single story or series on a key forestry or natural resources topic.
     2. A documentary, special in-depth story, or book.
     3. The best coverage of a single subject on a continuing basis.


The nominee need not be a member of SAF.


Nominations must demonstrate all the following:
     • Story-telling ability that builds public understanding, and, if present, visual elements that convey the same story as the narrative.
     • The ability to break down a subject while maintaining the integrity of a topic.
     • Coverage that is useful to key leaders and leads to improved public understanding.
     • The potential to advance forestry science, management, and/or education.
     • The level of impact the media event/ story had on the public including the targeted audiences.


Your nomination packet must be submitted through the online submission portal site and include:
     •  Nominator and Nominee information will be completed online.
     • A letter from the nominator demonstrating that the nominee meets all the award criteria, with each criterion addressing separately in a brief paragraph.
     • A sample of the journalism entry.
     • Recent, digital headshot photograph of a minimum 300 dpi.

Nominations are accepted only from SAF state, multistate, or intrastate societies and each unit may submit only one nomination each year.

Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award Recipients

Award YearRecipient
2023Doug Wood96665
2021Victor L. Harris52542
2020Mr. Alex Paul89243
2018Jason Nark87445
2016Mr. Kyle Dickman77133
2008Mr. Steven Dunsky78591
2008Mr. David Steinke78592
2007Mr. Jack Elrod78593
2006Ms. Kathleen Preece88108
2005William W. Keye58437
2004Mr. Tom Kenworthy78595
2003James D. Petersen52460
2002Mr. Tom Knudson78596
2001Mr. Ian Marquand78597
2000William W. Keye58437
1998Ms. Patrice Jastrzembski78598