Sir William Schlich Memorial Award

This award recognizes broad and outstanding contributions to the field of forestry with emphasis on, but not limited to, policy and national or international activities. The award is presented in even-numbered years at the SAF National Convention and includes a $500 honorarium, complimentary SAF convention registration, and up to $500 to cover travel expenses.


Must be a current member of SAF.


Nominees must demonstrate:
     •  Outstanding demonstration of work done to enhance the effects of forestry in national or international activities.
     • Outstanding contributions in the field of policy.


Your nomination packet must be submitted through the online submission portal site and include:
     •  Nominator and Nominee information will be completed online.
     •  A letter from the nominator demonstrating that the nominee meets the award criteria, with each criterion addressed separately in a brief paragraph.
     •  Letters of endorsement, not to exceed three (in addition to the nomination letter), on the nominee's achievements with the award criteria.
     •  A biographical summary, not to exceed three pages. 
     •  Recent, digital headshot photograph of a minimum 300 dpi.

About Sir William Schlich

Sir William Schlich, a 19th-century English forester, is remembered for his efforts to advance forestry education and practices. From 1867 to 1885 he was a member of the Royal Indian Forest Service, working to establish British timber reserves in its colonial possessions. He is known for having the greatest impact on British forestry in the early years of 20th century. To advance modern forestry practices, Schlich wrote a five-volume work, The Manual of Forestry.  Education played a large role in Schlich's life. He established the forestry department of the Royal Indian Engineering College at Coopers Hill, and he founded the School of Forestry at Oxford in 1905. These two institutions have been instrumental in the training of the majority of British foresters who have served throughout the world.

Sir William Schlich Memorial Award Recipients

Award YearRecipient
2022Gordon D. Sanders, CF73850
2020Dr. Richard W. Guldin, CF61872
2018Bettina K. Ring75533
2016Dr. Robert W. Malmsheimer62307
2014Dr. Gary S. Hartshorn52879
2012Robert L. Izlar, CF70773
2010Mr. John Heissenbuttel61660
2008Michael R. Wagner75275
2006Mr. Howard R. Heiner78600
2004Mr. Robert E. Wolf78601
2002Mr. James W. Giltmier73954
2000Dr. Harold K. Steen78602
1994Dr. Robert E. Buckman78603
1990Dr. Stanley L. Krugman71537
1988Dr. Bruce J. Zobel78605
1986Mr. Murlyn B. Dickerman78606
1984Mr. John R. McGuire78607
1982Mr. Philip A. Briegleb78608
1980Mr. Emanuel Fritz78609
1978Mr. William E. Towell78672
1976Mr. Kenneth P. Davis78674
1974Mr. Dewitt Nelson78675
1972Mr. Richard J. Preston, Jr78676
1970Mr. Philip R. Wheeler78677
1968Mr. Charles A. Connaughton78678
1966Mr. George A. Garratt78679
1964Mr. Henry Schmitz78680
1962Mr. Richard E. McArdle78681
1960Mr. Clyde S. Martin78682
1958Mr. B. Frank Heintzleman78683
1956Mr. Samuel T. Dana78684
1954Mr. Tom Gill78685
1952Mr. Elwood Wilson78686
1950Mr. Ralph S. Hosmer78651
1948Mr. Herman S. Chapman78687
1946Mr. William B. Greeley78688
1944Mr. Henry S. Graves78689
1940Mr. Gifford Pinchot78690
1935Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt78691