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Foresters' Fund

The Foresters’ Fund grant program financially assists local SAF units in achieving the goals of the Society.

Give to the Foresters' Fund  

The goals of the Fund are to:

  • Promote education to enhance public understanding of the role of professional foresters in forest resource management,
  • Conduct forest policy activities, and
  • Strengthen state societies, divisions, and chapters in achieving the mission of the Society.

Project Proposals

Project proposal must meet at least one of the goals of the Foresters’ Fund. Proposals could include but are not limited to: 
  • Public outreach and education. Examples include forestry field days, museum displays, Walk in the Forest activities, education programs for teachers, communications programs, or media relations programs (field tours, editorial board visits, and letter writing campaigns).
  • Legislative events. Examples include legislative field tours, breakfasts, luncheons, or office visits by SAF members.
  • Local unit support. Examples include special professional development opportunities (guest speakers, joint organizational meetings), membership recruitment/retention, or leadership/media training.


  • State societies, divisions, and chapters are eligible for regular grants. Only state societies and divisions may apply for special grants. 
  • Local units are encouraged to partner with student chapters, working groups, and national committees on Foresters’ Fund projects. 
  • A state society is eligible to receive up to 2 regular grants per deadline, and no more than $6,000 per year (this total does not include any special grants that may be awarded).  
  • A specific SAF unit project can receive funding for up to three consecutive years. After three consecutive years, a specific unit project is not eligible for one year.
  • Projects that have already been completed are not eligible for Foresters’ Fund grants.
  • State society executive committees must approve all grant proposals before submission to the national office.

Grant Completion

Regular grant projects must be completed within one year of approval; Special grants must be completed within two years of approval. Any unused funds must be returned to the National Office when the project is completed or if the project was not completed. 


Must include:

Summary of Project and Objectives

A brief project summary (up to 250 words) that captures the goals, purpose, and outcomes of the project. Please include 3 to 5 objectives and how they will be communicated to your audience.

Target Audience and Learning Methods

Describe the types of people or group the project seeks to benefit and the specific steps you will take to reach the audience


Describe how you will measure what the audience has learned as a result of the project.

Recognition and Member Involvement

Describe the responsibilities of SAF members and how SAF will be credited for the project.

Communications Plan 

Describe your internal and external communications plan, including strategies to enhance participation by SAF members and to attract media attention.


Please use the budget worksheet and include the overall project budget and a detailed list of items or services that the requested funds will be used for. 

If applying for a special grant, please include the following additional items in your proposal: 

Needs Statement

Describe why this project is important to complete at this time in this community or with your target audience.

Schedule and Timetable

Provide an outline of when specific components of the project will take place.


Describe how the project can be adapted for use by members in other parts of the country.


Regular grants (up to $1,500) deadlines are February 15, June 15, and September 15
Special grants (up to $5,000) deadline is June 15
If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, proposals will be accepted the next business day.

Please submit the information form, proposal, and budget worksheet to Lori Rasor at


Foresters Fund Evaluation Form (MS Word)
(Microsoft Word Document)
Budget Worksheet
(Adobe PDF File)