If you are 70 1/2 years of age or older, you can give directly from your IRA account to SAF with a qualified charitable distribution (QCD). Unlike a traditional IRA distribution, a QCD is not counted as income and no income tax is paid on the charitable distribution - an added tax benefit to you, while making a big difference when you support SAF with your gift.

How It Works

Making a QCD from your IRA to SAF typically looks like the process outlined below:

1. Let your IRA custodian (the financial institution where your IRA is held) know of your intent to make a QCD to SAF. This can typically be done via phone, email, or through your online IRA portal.

2. Specify the amount you'd like to contribute to SAF and fill out any necessary supporting paperwork. Don't forget to get in touch with us to also let us know about your QCD. The easiest way is to email [email protected].

3. Your IRA custodian will then send an electronic fund transfer or check directly to SAF.

4. SAF will notify you when funds have been received and issue a receipt.

Thank you for considering a gift from your IRA to SAF. If you have additional questions check out the Frequently Asked Questions section or reach out any time to [email protected].

SAF does not offer tax, financial planning, or legal advice. All content on this webpage is for informational purposes only.


At what age can I make a gift from my IRA?

You must be 70 1/2 or older to make a gift from your IRA.

Can my gift count as my required minimum distribution (RMD)?

Yes. Beginning in the year you turn 73, you can use a gift from your IRA to satisfy part or all of your RMD.

I would like to support multiple nonprofits with a gift from my IRA, can I do so?

Yes. As long as your total charitable distributions do not exceed $100,000 annually, you can give to multiple qualifying nonprofits from your IRA.

How much can I give from my IRA?

You can give up to $100,000 per year from your IRA to any qualifying nonprofit, such as SAF. Any amount given in one year over $100,000 from your IRA must be reported as taxable income.

Do I need to give my entire IRA to be eligible for the tax benefits?

No. You can give any amount, as long as it is no more than $100,000 per year, to receive tax benefits. If your IRA is valued at more than $100,000, you can transfer a portion of it as a charitable gift.

When do I need to make my gift from my IRA?

In order for your donation to qualify this year for tax benefits, you must make your gift by December 31. Otherwise, you may make your gift at any time during the year.

I'd like to make SAF a beneficiary of my IRA, can I do so?

Yes. No matter your age, you can designate SAF as a beneficiary of a percentage or all of your IRA and it will pass to us tax-free after your lifetime. To do so, contact your IRA administrator to fill out a change-of-beneficiary form and any additional steps that may be required. Note: If you choose to designate SAF as a beneficiary of your IRA, please notify us, as most retirement plan administrators do not notify nonprofits you may designate as beneficiaries. We would love to talk to you about your intentions to ensure they are followed and thank you for your generosity.