SAF gratefully accepts gifts of stock as an alternative to cash donations. Donations of appreciated stock offer some of the largest tax saving to donors, generally allowing you to avoid capital gains tax and deducting the current full market value of the stock. Additionally, due to the discretionary nature of stocks, donors are often able to make larger gifts with greater impact when donating stock.

How It Works

SAF uses a platform called DonateStock, whose mission is to make stock donations fast, easy, and secure for donors and nonprofits alike.

  1. Navigate to SAF’s DonateStock page and click Donate Now.
  2. Submit the online donation form with your brokerage and donation details. Don’t forget to reference the fund to which you are donating in the notes section (Foresters Fund, Gregory Award Fund, Mollie Beattie Fund, Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund, General Fund, #forestproud).
  3. DonateStock will send the form to your broker to initiate the stock transfer.
  4. Your broker will transfer the stock to Donatestock Charitable, Inc.
  5. Donatestock Charitable, Inc. will sell the stock and the proceeds will be disbursed to SAF.
  6. You will receive a receipt for the gift from Donatestock Charitable, Inc., and and acknowledgement from SAF.

We are excited to offer this new way to give to SAF. Thank you for considering a gift of stock. For any questions, please reach out any time to [email protected].

SAF does not offer tax, financial planning, or legal advice. All content on this webpage is for informational purposes only.


What is DonateStock?

DonateStock is the platform SAF uses to facilitate stock donations. DonateStock was founded in 2020 to help nonprofits unlock new sources of funding by making it easy for donors and their advisors to initiate stock gifts in minutes. You can visit SAF's stock donation page here.

What does SAF do with gifted stocks?

SAF’s policy is to immediately sell and receive the cash value of stocks gifted to us. This process is facilitated by DonateStock: when you initiate a stock gift to SAF through DonateStock, DonateStock Charitable sells the stock, reconciles the gift, and transfers the cash amount to SAF. The cash amount will then be directed to the fund of your choice.

Can I make a stock donation toward my 1900 Founders' Circle pledge?

Yes. When you donate stock, DonateStock Charitable will sell your stock, and disburse the proceeds in cash to SAF. The cash amount can be applied to your 1900 Founders' Circle pledge.

Are there additional fees to donate stock? 

There are no additional fees for donors to donate stock. It’s free for SAF to register and onboard with DonateStock. SAF is charged a small transaction fee (about half of typical credit card transaction fee amounts) by DonateStock, with capped fees on large gifts. 


I don't want to use DonateStock, can I work with SAF's brokerage directly?

Yes. We want you to be completely comfortable when making your gift. Please reach out to [email protected].

How will I be acknowledged for my stock donation?

If you give through SAF's DonateStock page, you will receive a tax receipt from DonateStock Charitable, and a thank you acknowledgement letter from SAF. If you work with SAF's brokerage directly, you will receive only one acknowledgement of your tax-deductible gift, which also acts as your receipt, from SAF.

What does DonateStock do with my information?

DonateStock only shares your personal information with the nonprofits you support through their platform. DonateStock does not sell or share personal information with third parties (read their privacy policy). DonateStock prioritizes data privacy and secures your data (read about their data privacy & security).