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Regenerating America's Forests 


To promote successful natural and artificial regeneration of desired species within the context of sustainable forest management practices, meet global wood and other societal needs, and conserve forested ecosystems for future generations in an uncertain climatic future.


Reforestation and afforestation programs, policies, and practices across public and private land ownerships in the United States.


The Society of American Foresters (SAF) supports and promotes programs, policies, and investments that ensure prompt, effective natural and artificial regeneration consistent with: (1) the basic societal need for forest goods (e.g., water, wood, and food) and other ecosystem services; (2) markets for and broad socio-economic benefits of these forest products and services; (3) forestry laws and best management practices (BMP); and (4) the ecological integrity and beauty of forested landscapes now and into the future. SAF supports new research examining projected reforestation and afforestation needs and applications, the near- and long-term potential for sequestering carbon, constraints to reforestation and afforestation efforts given spatial and temporal changes in site conditions, and forest management strategies from seed collection to harvesting practices prioritizing forest regeneration. Finally, SAF promotes policies and programs that address current and emerging reforestation challenges, guide appropriate afforestation efforts, evaluate successes across various landowner groups, monitor reforestation and/or afforestation progress over time, and adapt to changing market and climatic conditions.

Approved: December 2022

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Forest Regeneration
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