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Submission Guidelines
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Submission Guidelines

The Forestry Source provides SAF members and other natural resource professionals with news of SAF activities and policies as well as other developments within the forestry profession. The Forestry Source is a grassroots vehicle for dialogue and discussion among forest resource professionals, national leaders, and SAF chapters, state societies, and working groups. As such, it contains statements from a variety of spokespersons and, as space permits, letters to the editor. The opinions expressed in articles, commentaries, and opinion-editorials do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of SAF.

Authors interested in contributing a feature article to the newspaper should contact the editor before undertaking their effort. The newspaper is especially receptive to feature articles written by those with special insight into a particular topic. If the suggested idea meets the paper's editorial needs at the time, the editor will work with the author to fine-tune an approach and give a word count, deadline, and other information. We cannot be held responsible for, nor do we return, unsolicited manuscripts.


There are several departments in The Forestry Source that give natural resources managers a venue to disseminate information. The following departments are dependent on the input of readers:


Letters should refer to articles published in the past 3 months, to general professional discussions or events, or to SAF policies and activities. Letters should be approximately 300 words in length (about one double-spaced, typed page) and are published as space permits. Letters may be edited for length, clarity, style, and to avoid duplication. Letters deemed to be personal attacks will not be published. Prior to publication, cited individuals are offered the opportunity to review letters pertaining to them or their work; if they choose, they can respond to those letters that contain errors of fact or interpretation. Such responses are limited to approximately 200 words.


Readers are welcome to submit commentaries (opinion-editorials) for possible publication. Commentaries should focus on specific issues or concerns relevant to the forestry profession or SAF. They should be no longer than 500 words in length and will be published as space permits. Commentaries may be edited for clarity, length, style, grammar, and to avoid duplication. 

Science and Technology

SAF offers short articles on innovations and activities in forest science and research and their implications for the forestry profession. We will not accept articles from companies (or PR firms) that wish to promote a particular product or service.

Society Affairs

Society Affairs serves a venue for SAF state societies, divisions, and chapters that wish to share news about outstanding grassroots activities and programs. 

Branching Out

This section includes information about the activities of organizations and companies affiliated with forestry and natural resources.

People in the News 

This section recognizes SAF members who have received forestry-related awards or recognition, job promotions, or other special achievements. Items should be no more than 200 words. Photos are appreciated.

In Memoriam

This section features obituaries for those individuals who have contributed to forestry throughout their lifetime.


The Source's style is based on The Chicago Manual of Style; scientific names follow the Checklist of United States Trees (Native and Naturalized) by Elbert L. Little Jr. (Agricultural Handbook 541). The writing style we prefer uses a succinct yet casual tone. 


Once your article idea has been accepted, please submit the manuscript in Word format and send it to us by e-mail or on CD. You also should provide a hard copy in a double-spaced, typed format on single-sided 8-1/2" x 11" white paper. 


Photographs and/or illustrations to accompany articles or notices are strongly encouraged. Captions for all photographs or illustrations should be numbered consecutively; captions should also note relevance to text. All artwork should have a credit identifying photographer, artist, and/or source.  We prefer to receive digital illustrations or photographs (by e-mail or CD) in TIFF or JPEG files. Images should have a resolution of 300 DPI or higher. We also accept high-quality hardcopy images. Please do not mail originals. Illustrative material should not be stapled or paper-clipped to the manuscript. The Source credits photographs or artwork when credit is a condition of publication. Unless requested, photographs and artwork will not be returned. We cannot be held responsible for, nor do we return, unsolicited photographs or artwork.


The Society of American Foresters retains the copyright on all original published manuscripts, except those in the public domain. 


Deadlines for feature articles will be negotiated with the editor at the time of acceptance. Please submit information no later than 45 days prior to the desired publication date. For example, an item intended for the June issue should be submitted no later than April 15. 


Advertising. Inquiries regarding display and classified advertising should be directed to Christopher Whited, (866) 897-8720 x110; fax, (301) 897-3690.


Please contact The Forestry Source Editor Steve Wilent.