SAF Journal Podcasts

SAF’s journals podcasts extend the life of journal articles beyond the printed page and take listeners behind the scenes with the leading voices behind the literature. Podcasts for select articles published in Forest Science and the Journal of Forestry are posted open access alongside the parent article in Ingenta. Use these podcasts as a tool in the classroom or while you’re out for a hike to lend more mileage to complex scholarly content, making it more accessible to the practicing or future forester.

Archive: Available and Forthcoming Journals Podcasts

Initial movements of a dispersing amphibian in response to partial harvesting in the Acadian forest of Maine, USA

Author: Brittany Cline                       Forest Science - June, 2016

The Effects of Internet Use on Global Demand for Paper Products

Author: Greg Latta                           Journal of Forestry - July, 2016

Conceptual Ambiguities and Practical Challenges of Ecological Forestry: A Critical Review

Author: Chelsea Batavia                  Journal of Forestry - September, 2016

Family Forest Ownership of the United States, 2013: Findings from the USDA Forest Service's National Woodland Owner Survey

Author: Brett Butler                         Journal of Forestry - November, 2016

Fire History Sampling Strategy of Fire Intervals Associated with Mixed- to Full-Severity Fires in Southern Alberta, Canada

Author: Marie-Pierre Rogeau          Forest Science - December, 2016

Engaging African American Landowners in Sustainable Forest Management

Author: John Schelhas                    Journal of Forestry - January, 2017

Standard Procedures and Methods for Economic Impact and Contribution Analysis in the Forest Product Sector

Author: James Henderson                    Journal of Forestry - March, 2017

COMING SOON: Conifer Root Proliferation after 20 Years of Soil Compaction

Author: Matt Busse                    Forest Science - April, 2017

Introduction for a Special Issue of the Journal of Forestry-Tribal Forest Management: Innovations for Sustainable Forest Management

Authors: Mike Dockry and Serra Hoagland                  Journal of Forestry - July, 2017

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