SAF Journals: Special Issues and Special Sections

From time to time, Forest Science and the Journal of Forestry  publish special issues or special sections following specific themes that are timely and of interest to the forestry community. View published and forthcoming special issues and sections below.

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Benefits of Sponsoring Special Sections or Special Issues of SAF’s Journals

Special issues or special sections in the SAF journals are published when the collection of articles on a particular theme make a very substantial contribution to the publications’ missions of advancing the profession of forestry. This goal is met by keeping forest management professionals informed about significant developments and ideas in the many facets of forestry and of publishing the best peer-reviewed research into forest-related economic, social, and ecological issues that define or advance the frontiers of science and help inform ongoing policy deliberations.

Typical benefits of publishing a special issue or section may include:

  • Influence discussion within the forestry community
  • Reduced-price or free advertising space
  • Complimentary or discounted print copies or ePrint copies
  • Special call outs in SAF promotional materials


Submit a Proposal

SAF’s journals staff and editors evaluate proposals for special sections and issues based on key criteria described in the instructions document. Download and submit the proposal form to get started. Direct any questions to Morgan Fincham.

Proposal Form (PDF)

Published Special Issues and Sections

Publication Date

Title of Special Issue/Section

Journal Name

Supported by:

Forthcoming, expected September 2017

Tribal Lands Special Issue

Journal of Forestry


July 2017

Inventory and Monitoring Section

Journal of Forestry


May 2017

National Silviculture Workshop Proceedings

Journal of Forestry


May 2016

Wilderness Issue

Journal of Forestry

USDA Forest Service

January 2016

Best Management Practice Special Issue

Journal of Forestry


November 2015

Education Issue

Journal of Forestry


September 2014

2013 National Silviculture Workshop Proceedings

Journal of Forestry


October 2011

SAF Task Force Report

Journal of Forestry


October 2011

Natural Resources Education Special Issue

Journal of Forestry


June 2010

Gap Analysis

Forest Science


April 2008

Mitigating Climate Change

Forest Science