SAF Supports the Great American Outdoors Act 

July 9, 2020

SAF joined 34 partner organizations from the Forest-Climate Working Group  to support swift passage of the Great American Outdoors Act (H.R. 7092), which would provide full and dedicated funding to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

Excerpt from the letter:

          “A significant outcome of providing full and dedicated funding to the LWCF would be the strengthening of
          the Forest Legacy Program (FLP). As this program’s funding is derived from the LWCF, more reliable
          funding for the LWCF would mean more reliable funding for the FLP. This action by itself would be a
          noteworthy achievement worth celebrating.

          The FLP supports timber sector jobs and sustainable forest operations while protecting air and water
          quality, wildlife habitat, access for recreation and other public benefits provided by forests. Conserving
          working forest lands contributes significantly to local and state economies, especially in rural areas.
          According to the National Alliance of Forest Owners, U.S. working forests support approximately 2.9
          million jobs, $128 billion in payroll, and $336 billion in sales and manufacturing. Today, U.S. forests and
          forest products annually sequester and store almost 15% of U.S. carbon emissions from burning fossil
          fuels and new research suggests we could nearly double this natural carbon capture with the right
          actions. The FLP helps ensure working forests remain working forests in perpetuity and enables them to
          continue serving as a carbon sink for future generations.”

In addition, the Great American Outdoors Act would also provide new funding – up to $40 million annually – for National Forest System roads to help address current maintenance backlogs and continue to support critically important forest management activities. 

The Senate already passed this legislation with bipartisan support, and the House is expected to approve it by the end of July. 

Click here to download the support letter.