New on ForestEd: Professional Development Partnership in Action

July 15, 2021

SAF is pleased to share with you the results of a professional development partnership with the Western Forestry & Conservation Association (WFCA). The WFCA brings the Scaling for Non-Scalers virtual workshop to ForestEd. Earn 5.0 CFEs in Category 1 when you complete this self-paced continuing education opportunity available for a limited time.

Scaling for Non-Scalers is designed for the forestry or natural resource professional who is not a scaler. WFCA curated this seven-section virtual program for the non-scaler to be better equipped in the design and implementation of forest management projects in which scalers are crucial partners to a project’s success. 

SAF members and non-members are invited to register for the course. The cost is $145 for members and $265 for non-members.

Click Here to Register 

Upon completion of this workshop online, you will be able to:
        1. Outline the scaling process.
        2. Describe scaling key players’ roles.
        3. Specify scaling standards.
        4. Compare sorts and grades.
        5. Explain log accountability from landing to the mill.
        6. Compute log volume and scaling costs.

While this workshop highlights scaling in the Pacific Northwest, you will be guided to note standards, key players, and resources specific to your area of practice.

Take advantage of this partnership and register for WFCA’s Scaling for Non-Scalers virtual workshop. CFEs earned from completing this workshop will post automatically to your SAF CFE record.

SAF looks forward to creating new partnerships with other continuing education providers to expand the reach of expertise and offering continuing education opportunities on ForestEd. If you are interested to learn more about becoming a professional development partner with SAF, contact Naomi Marcus at [email protected]