SAF Names 27 Members as 2021 Fellows

September 9, 2021

Congratulations to each of the 27 SAF members who were elected as a Fellow in 2021! The rank of Fellow recognizes SAF members for long-standing service to SAF, the profession, and are ambassadors for the advancement of forestry.  
Below is the Class of SAF 2021 Fellows listed in alphabetical order, followed by SAF state society affiliation: 

Dave Atkins, Montana 
Gary Brittner, California  
Michael Bozzo, CF, Appalachian 
Tom Davidson, Appalachian 
Paul Doruska, CF, Wisconsin 
J. Keith Gilless, California  
Karl Hansen, Ouachita 
Shaun Harkins, CF, Oregon 
Donald Hodges, CF, Kentucky-Tennessee 
Randal Holeman, Ouachita 
Mariann Johnston, CF, New York 
Kenneth Kane, Allegheny 
Larry Nance, Ouachita 
Amanda Lang, Southeastern 
Ronald Lemin, CF, New England 
James Mordica, Mississippi 
Blair Orr, Michigan 
Jeffery Pardue, CF, Appalachian 
Richard Reitz, CF, Southwestern 
Greg Scheerer, CF, Appalachian 
Chris Schnepf, Inland Empire 
Taylor Stein, Southeastern 
Cecile Stelter, CF, Allegheny 
George Tiley, CF, Louisiana 
Eugene Walters, CF, Ohio 
Randy Watkins, Mississippi 
Howard Wurzbacher, CF, Allegheny 

To be eligible for the Fellow award, candidates must be SAF Professional Members in good standing. Candidates are expected to have demonstrated sustained service to SAF volunteer activities at two or more SAF organizational levels and to have demonstrated exemplary action and sustained leadership over many years in advancing the forestry profession. For more information, head to the SAF Fellow Award page

Well done to the Class of 2021 Fellows!