Celebrating 2021 Accomplishments: New Candidate Certified Foresters and Certified Foresters

January 27, 2022

Join us in congratulating the 82 professional foresters who became SAF certified as Candidate Certified Foresters (CCFs) or Certified Foresters (CFs) in 2021. Within the next five years, the 35 CCFs will rise up to earning their CF credential. The Certified Forester credential is for SAF members and non-members promoting excellence in the stewardship of our nation’s forest resources through enhanced professionalism in forestry.

Celebrate these 47 new Certified Foresters, 11 of whom transitioned from CCF to CF, and the 35 new Candidate Certified Foresters.

District 1
Brandon Austin, CF
Brady Dier, CCF
Herman Flamenco, CCF
Matt Gamble, CF
Cesar Guidotti, CCF
Halli Hemingway, CCF
Jenny Knoth, CF
Leah Komp, CCF
Matthew Provencher, CF

District 2
Amanda Astor, CCF
David Boyd, CF
Joshua Clark, CF
Nathan Hanzelka, CF
Sean Hart, CF
Margaret Miller, CF
Anna Rose Petersen, CCF

District 4
Cody Daiutolo, CCF
Krista Erdman, CCF
Keith Stagg, CF
Kurt Swearingen, CF
Drew Langel, CCF
Pavel Pluhar, CCF
Patricia Weyrich, CF

District 5
Rodney Denning, CF
Carly DeVet, CCF
Ethan Erdmann, CCF
Zachary Hough Solomon, CCF
Matthew Petz Giguere, CF
Bryan Reitter, CF
Nicholas Sanchez, CF
Joellen Saugrich, CCF
Casey Sigg, CCF
Amy Walker, CCF

District 6
John Clarke, CF
Patrick Conlin, CF
Kaitlyn Creller, CCF
Anthony D’Amato, CF
Donn Downey, CF
Sarah Ford, CF
Trevor Keough, CCF
Anthony Kordziel, CF
Corrie Magee, CF
Christopher Reel, CCF
Jacob Seidel, CCF
Cody Wilkes, CCF

District 7
Tyler Amspacher, CCF
Alexander Kelchner, CF

District 8
GraceAnna Cooper, CF
Charles Cornwell, CCF
Jacqueline Forsyth, CF
Tal Jacobs, CCF
Michael Kantz, CF
Patrick Ma, CF
Casey Phillips, CF
Andrew Willey, CF
Andrew Williams, CF

District 9
Jason Van Houten, CF
Jordan McGuckin, CF
Anthony Pappas, CF
Clayton Rico, CF
Taylor York, CF

District 10
Charles Buckley, CCF
Brandon Craft, CF
Sean Hendley, CCF
Seth Hunt, CF
Christopher Kinslow, CF
Rachel Nation, CCF
Paul Proctor, CF
Anthony Purnell, CCF
Chance Singleton, CCF
Ross Wygmans, CF

District 11
Lee Andersen, CF
Sean Dugan, CCF
Paul Johnson, CF
Adam Magnuson, CF
Corey May, CF
William McCrady, CF
Beau Navarre, CCF
Kelby Wolf, CF

We can’t wait to see who we will celebrate in January 2023. You could be on this list next. District 4 jump started 2022 with this year’s first CF on New Year’s Day. Which SAF District will celebrate the most new CCFs and CFs this time next year?