SAF’s Committee on Forest Policy Shares 2022 Workplan

March 1, 2022

SAF is excited to share our 2022 workplan for developing and releasing new and updated national SAF Position Statements. Our National Position Statements are an important component of SAF’s advocacy and outreach efforts; they serve as a foundation to guide our actions on forest policy topics and act as a catalyst for further dialogue and engagement with policymakers, the media, and partner organizations. They also serve as a useful guide and resource for SAF local units looking to advocate in their communities.

The new Position Statements in process are topics that the Committee on Forest Policy and Board of Directors deemed priority issues, including: 
Sustainability of American Forests
Advancing Shared Stewardship on Federal, State, and Private Lands
Regenerating America’s Forests
Working Forests and Wildlife Habitat

The Committee is also working to update a series of existing Position Statements, which will include:
Nonnative Invasive Forest Species
The Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program
Forest Offset Projects in Carbon Trading

If you’d like to get involved in the development of Position Statements, consider joining one or more of SAF’s Working Groups! Working Groups are communities of interest who support SAF by providing research and developing educational programs. Working Groups span a range of topics, from agroforestry and forest technology to water resources.

Interested in serving on the CFP? The official recruiting period starts in late summer, but feel free to reach out to the SAF Policy & Public Affairs team any time to learn more.