Meet the Fund Series: The Gregory Award Fund 

SAF’s Meet the Fund Series highlights the powerful impact SAF funds have on people, SAF units, and communities. Giving to SAF ensures that we can maintain and develop new programming for all served by our organization.  

July 21, 2023

The Gregory Award Fund directly supports The Gregory Award, an annual award named after G. Robinson (Bob) Gregory, a pioneer in forest economics and resource development. Bob had a special interest in helping low-income countries develop their forest resources in thoughtful ways for the good of society. With the integral support of his wife, Ann, Bob traveled the world, creating international ties through consultation on forest development.  

Today, the Gregory Award continues to celebrate this legacy of international exchange by bringing outstanding international students and early-career professionals to the annual SAF Convention. By engaging with SAF members from across the United States, this opportunity gives awardees the chance to expand their professional networks, explore career development opportunities, and become international ambassadors for SAF. 

SAF looks forward to welcoming this year’s Gregory Award recipient at the 2023 Convention in Sacramento this fall. You can also read more about last year’s Gregory Award recipient, Sakiratou KARIMOU M, here

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