Science Flash SubmissionS

Abstract Submission Deadline - August 31, 2018

Science Flashes are short presentations, designed to showcase emerging research, unique management practices, policy applications, or collaborative efforts. Flashes will be limited to eight (8) minutes and eight (8) slides.


Abstracts will be reviewed against the following criteria.


The thought/expression/concept should be reasonable and comprehensible.

Scientific Approach

The proposal should define the problem, hypothesis, methodology, application, results, analysis.

Practice of Forestry

The proposal should bridge the gap between science and decision making in the field of forest management.


The proposal should report preliminary or novel results on limited data sets or applications of existing methodologies to new areas.

Contemporary Topics

The proposal should be relevant to the convention or track themes, will appeal to a large number of attendees, and contribute to professional development.

All submissions must meet the first criterion and at least one of the other four criteria. Abstracts selected for the program will be published in a special Convention Proceedings section of the Journal of Forestry. By submitting an abstract you confer permission for SAF to publish this material, however copyright remains with the authors. All submitters will be asked to make financial disclosures on behalf of themselves and coauthors, which will be published within the proceedings.

All authors are encouraged to submit a full paper to the Journal of Forestry or Forest Science. Paper submissions will follow the submission and review guidelines prescribed by each journal’s Editorial Policy. The publication of an accepted abstract in the conference proceedings does not guarantee future publication of the full article.