The Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund

What is the Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund?

The Science Fund supports new initiatives that disseminate information and science-informed management practices to foresters and other natural resource professionals. It also supports recognition of research being conducted by graduate students in forestry and natural resources.

Kurt Gottschalk was a long-time chair of the SAF's Forest Science and Technology Board and was serving on the national board of directors at the time of his passing.

How Your Donation Helps

  • Continuing Education, Outreach, and Collaboration: Financial support for technology transfer that helps land managers apply the latest in science, such as for conferences, scientific publications, special issues in scientific journals, and more.
  • Leadership Development: Funding to foster scientific leadership.
  • Recognition of Student Research: Annual cash awards for best presentations and posters at the SAF National Convention.
  • Forestry Research: Funding for graduate students and other researchers to focus on their core research questions by funding the identification and prioritization of research needs, literature reviews, seed money to collect preliminary data required to develop larger research proposals, and more.