Introduction to Computing Applications in Forestry and Natural Resources Management 

Due to the complexity of operational forestry problems, computing applications are becoming pervasive in all aspects of forest and natural resource management. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to computers and their applications in forest and natural resource management and is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students in forestry and natural resources. It introduces state-of-the-art applications for several of the most important computer technologies in terms of data acquisition, data manipulation, basic programming techniques, and other related computer and Internet concepts and applications. This book consists of six parts and 19 chapters.
Intro to Computing Applications in Forestry
Intro to Computing Applications in Forestry
Jingxin Wang, Editor
Format: Textbook. 378 Pages. 28 Color and 144 B/W Illustrations.
Published September 1, 2017 by CRC Press.
ISBN 9781138626300
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