1900 Founders' Circle

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Join the group, of more than 150 donors, who’ve made a significant difference in the profession of forestry and natural resources by contributing $1,900 over a four-year period in programs ranging from outreach and education; grants and scholarships; and general support of SAF.
These donations made a significant impact by increasing grants that support public education and scientific research; creating the new Molly Beattie Internship; and supporting the engagement of professionals from around the world.

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Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund

The Science Fund supports the development and dissemination of scientific findings and new technology for foresters and other natural resource professionals to facilitate science-informed management. 

Gregory Award Fund

Named after G. Robinson Gregory, the fund provides economic assistance to outstanding students or professionals from outside of the United States and Canada to attend the annual SAF National Convention and have meaningful engagement with foresters and natural resources professionals.

Foresters' Fund

The Foresters’ Fund is used primarily to promote education to enhance public understanding of the role of professional foresters in forest resource management, to conduct forest policy activities, and to strengthen state societies, divisions, and chapters in achieving the mission of the Society.

General Fund

General giving donations are targeted to the immediate needs of the Society and its members.

Mollie Beattie Fund

The Mollie Beattie Fund is to enhance diversity in the natural resource professions by encouraging young people, especially women and minorities, to become foresters or other natural resources professionals, and to advance their careers through attendance at conferences and educational events.


#forestproud is a cutting-edge communications effort that builds awareness and support for forest climate solutions with 18-34-year-olds outside the sector. We believe forests offer powerful climate solutions, forest management how we deliver those solutions, and markets and products are how we sustain them.