Apply for a Grant/Scholarship

The Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund

The Kurt Gottschalk Science Fund supports projects that develop and disseminate scientific findings and new technology for foresters and other natural resource professionals and that facilitate science informed management.

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 Project Proposals

Proposals must meet one or more of the Fund's goals and can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Continuing education activities including conferences, panels at convention, field tours, and workshops
  • Collaborative efforts such as joint conferences, applied research cooperation between groups and agencies, and interdisciplinary collaboration conference sessions or articles in SAF publications
  • Activities that foster leadership and/or broaden SAF's membership base and/or audience/image
  • Applied forestry research that has potential to inform management practice, literature reviews, and/or seed money for collecting preliminary data to develop a larger proposal or complete or enhance prior research efforts.


Any SAF member, representing either an SAF unit or an external entity, is eligible to submit a proposal, given the endorsement of one or more SAF Working Groups.  



Must include:

Summary of Project 

A brief project summary (up to 200 words) that captures the goals, methods, and final products of the project. 

 A clear statement of the specific objectives of the project and how they meet the goals of the Science Fund.

A detailed description of the specific steps that will be used to accomplish the stated objectives including how learning outcomes will be measured.


 A clear statement of the anticipated final product(s) of the project.  

A description of how SAF will be credited for the project.

Provide an overall project budget and detailed list of items or services for which the requested funds will be spent.  Project collaborators or in-kind support should be listed.

Project Duration 
Project completion dates should typically be within 1 to 2 years of the date of the grant application.

Letter(s) of Support 
Proposals must include a letter of support from the Chair of at least one SAF Working Group in an appropriate subject area, that includes discussion of the expected benefits of the project for the forestry and natural resources community.


Proposals are due February 15 for:

  • Regular Grants (up to $2500) for projects that meet at least two goals of the fund.
  • Special Grants (up to $5,000) for demonstrably outstanding projects that achieve at least three goals of the fund or that actively span across two or more SAF entities or Working Groups of multiple professional societies.

Those submitting proposals are encouraged to contact SAF prior to developing and submitting a proposal to inquire whether funds are available.
Funds Disbursal:  Grant funds must be received and managed by an appropriate entity - e.g., a university/department grants office, SAF State Society treasurer, or agency fiscal office.