SAF Names 2022 Presidential Field Forester Award Recipients

July 27, 2022

The Society of American Foresters has honored one member from each of the 11 SAF voting districts with the Presidential Field Forester Award for 2022. The award recognizes foresters who have dedicated their professional careers to the application of forestry on the ground using sound scientific methods and adaptive management strategies. 
Congratulations to the following Presidential Field Foresters for your innovative methods and record of excellence as forestry practitioners!

2022 Presidential Field Foresters Award Recipients

Dan Rees, CF
District 1 

Jeff Grogan, CF
District 2 

Glenn Barley 
District 3 

Josh Newman
District 4 

Lawrence Czelusta, CF
District 5 

Bernard “Bernie” Braun
District 6 

Joshua Flad, CF
District 7 

Henry Randolph
District 8 

Greg Hay, CF
District 9 

Jeff Vowell
District 10 

Tim Holland, CF
District 11 

For additional information on the award winners, keep an eye out for a feature article of this year's award recipients in the upcoming August 2022 edition of The Forestry Source