One of the highest honors for members of the Society, the rank of Fellow is an exceptional recognition bestowed on a member by his or her peers for outstanding contributions and service to the SAF and the profession.
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Presidential Field Forester Awards 

 The Presidential Field Forester Awards recognize foresters who have dedicated their professional careers to the application of forestry on the ground using sound, scientific methods and adaptive management strategies.The awards are presented to individuals who have displayed uncommon talent, skill, and innovative methods to achieve a record of excellence in the application of forest management.
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Forest Science and Technology Awards

Barrington Moore Memorial Award 

The Barrington Moore Memorial Award recognizes outstanding achievement in biological research leading to the advancement of forestry. 
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Award in Forest Science

The Award in Forest Science recognizes distinguished individual research in any branch of the quantitative, managerial, and/or social sciences leading to the advancement of forestry.
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Technology Transfer Award

The Technology Transfer Award recognizes outstanding performance in the areas of technology transfer, implementation and extension.
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Communications Awards

Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award

The Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award recognizes high quality journalistic coverage of topics that increase the American public's understanding of forestry and natural resources.
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W. D. Hagenstein Communicator Award

The Outstanding Communicator Award recognizes an SAF member who leads innovative and exemplary communications initiatives and programs that increase the general public's understanding of forestry and natural resources.  
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Professional Development Awards

John A. Beale Memorial Award

The John A. Beale Memorial Award recognizes outstanding efforts over a sustained period of time by an SAF member in the promotion of forestry through voluntary service to the Society.
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Carl Alwin Schenck Award

The Carl Alwin Schenck Award recognizes devotion and demonstrated outstanding performance in the field of forestry education.
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Honorary Membership

The Honorary Membership Award recognizes individuals whose contributions to forestry are viewed as outstanding by their peers. 
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Gifford Pinchot Medal

The Gifford Pinchot Medal recognizes outstanding contributions by a forestry professional in the administration, practice, and professional development of North American Forestry.
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Sir William Schlich Memorial Award

The Sir William Schlich Memorial Award recognizes broad and outstanding contributions to the field of forestry with emphasis on, but not limited to, policy and national or international activities.
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Young Forester Leadership Award

The Young Forester Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leadership by a young forestry professional in the development and promotion of an individual program or project, or for a sustained leadership role benefiting the practice of forestry and the Society of American Foresters.
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Nominations for National Awards

The deadline for nominations for national awards is February 28.

Posthumous nominations will not be considered. The SAF National Office will contact the nominee only if chosen to be the award recipient. All other correspondence will be directed to the nominator. Unsuccessful candidates may be re-nominated, by letter, providing any updated material and must meet all criteria at the time of re-nomination.

All award nominations are now closed for 2016. Please check back in late 2016 for details on the 2017 nomination window.

Outstanding SAF Student Chapter Award

The Outstanding SAF Student Chapter Award recognizes the outstand­ing SAF student chapter in the nation and its faculty representative during an academic year.                 

Three student chapters are recognized annually during the SAF National Convention. The first place student chapter will receive a $500 honorarium. All three student chapters will be recognized in The Forestry Source. The school's department head and/or dean, the university president, and the SAF faculty representative will receive notification of the award. 

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